The Three Circles

The Three Circles Gold

What it is all about

These three circles represent life. A life that may appear strange, hurtful and very confusing at times but can also be joyful, beautiful and full of wonders. You have to embrace life. Escaping from reality is not a healthy solution. Sometimes you have to manage it or overcome severe challenges with all your might and sometimes life can feel like a smooth ride. You have to go through the classic ups and downs. Looking ahead is good, having a vision may be even better, but the most important thing is the moment - the uniqueness of each minute and hour of your experience.


What is this life all about? The question of the meaning of life has been asked many times and has never been fully answered. However, an understanding of these three interacting circles allows us more clarity and a vision how to achieve balance and happiness in an increasingly complex, rapidly changing and demanding environment. This seemingly simple portrayal of life’s three circles enables us to better understand the source of happiness as well as the threats to our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The symbiosis of worldly, emotional and spiritual elements is the key to a meaningful and joyful existence. Achieving fulfillment and peace during our life journey is of paramount importance. Otherwise we are disconnected from ourselves and those around us. But simply grasping these concepts will not yield the desired result: true inner happiness. External factors (ego) and internal desires (love, faith and light) are frequently at odds with another and need to be lived in balance every day. And achieving the right mind frame depends largely on how you think and how willing you are to change your ways.


The most important question for us is whether we can be meaningful or not. And we cannot do that without understanding the interdependency of the three circles. Passion always relates to love and experience always relates to knowledge. How are you supposed to be able to trust without having true friends to show you how? Giving not only gives you fulfillment from an endocrinological point of view, it also gives you freedom from a philosophical point of view. If we begin to understand these principles and truly internalize their inherent interconnection, then we can live and experience a purposeful and enjoyable life. We are there for our family and remove man-made barriers in our mind and soul. Try to understand this and live by it, and satisfaction and bliss will not be long in coming.

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The Little Blue Book helped each of us

So far, the book has been sold more than one hundred thousand times. In the meantime, there are very many people whose lives have developed positively because they are guided by the messages of Mary and the Little Blue Book. We see ourselves confirmed, based on our own experiences and the testimonies, that it can be worthwhile for everyone to deal more extensively with this unusual book and its encouraging messages.  

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In the first two years, our association was primarily concerned with promoting disadvantaged children and young people. That is why we decided to actively support a youth and children's hospice of the German Children's Hospice Association, the German Children's Hospice Association e.V. in Frankfurt with two large donations in the past. We are currently making donations available at and .

Our core objectives are Marian Refuges and the distribution of Our Lady’s Messages of Mercy for the World. Our principal purpose is to make Her messages far better known on earth. We want these messages of love, faith and light to be known to the broadest possible audience. Click here to find out about our vision and make your personal contribution today to achieve this goal.