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A selection of questions for Florian Homm, Deputy Chairman of the non-profit organization OLMOMS e.V.


Isn't it better if I pray straight to Jesus and God?

If this gives you meaning and peace, stick with it! I would not have found fulfillment, meaning and Jesus without the Blue Book. There are many paths to the Lord and the little blue book makes it easier for many to find Jesus and the Holy Father. Also, John the Apostle, whom Christ loved most, was entrusted by Jesus, before his resurrection, to his mother Mary as a son. Extremely devote Jesus worshipers and many dogmatic Christian believers use Mary’s Messages to lead a more joyful and purposeful life.

Mary’s little Blue Book gives you support and orientation in every situation. In many communities, Marian worship is heavily criticized. “So what?” Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ and her primary task, as you will see in the little blue book, is to lead souls to God and to Jesus so that they can lead a meaningful, fulfilled and happy existence. Finding the right way: hope, love, truth. Experience life.

Do Mary's messages and faith work miracles?

In my case the answer to your question is definitely “yes”. With multiple sclerosis, a projectile in my back from an assassination attempt, or be it my freedom despite global legal prosecution and the fact that I survived a global bounty hunt and brutal incarceration, I feel deeply grateful for my existence. My central task is crystal clear: helping my neighbor. Especially those who find themselves in difficult, hopeless, almost hopeless situations.

Promoting faith and a life filled with faith, according to convincing meta-studies (e.g. McCullugh, Koenig), health. Other meta-studies show higher levels of satisfaction. Mary's messages also help those who are already doing relatively well. We all have our skills and responsibilities in this life. The most important thing is that we simply love and do good and meaningful things, even without "contractual conditions" and guaranteed or expected returns.

I am an atheist or agnostic and know little or nothing about God and religion. What's all this nonsense about?

Many people who rejected God's teachings of any kind have experienced "meaning, support, happiness & peace" in their lives through the messages of Mary. Some of our most important Messengers of Mercy and supporters, grew up in agnostic households, were stern atheists or utterly uninterested in Christianity or humanism.

From my many years of experience I know dozens of atheists, agnostics, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and Jews who use the messages of Mary and now lead a more fulfilling and happier life. I would even go so far that at least half of the people around me who use the little Blue Book come from another faith, or had no faith at all before the encountered Mary’s little Blue Book. You can count me among them. After all, I was known in the media for decades as the “Antichrist of the Finance” (quote: Erich Sixt, one of Germany’s most powerful and influential entrepreneurs).

I am a Catholic / a believer - is this not a possible sect or a caste of the Catholic Church?

Not at all. We want to spread the messages of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. The original English version was given the certificate "Nihil Obstat" by the Catholic Church. Thus it does not contradict the teaching of the Catholic Church. It is called to prayer, to mass, to use the rosary. That's true. But the little blue book is hardly dogmatic.

The language is easy to comprehend and understandable for everyone with a basic grasp of English. The non-profit association also supports disadvantaged mothers and children. The characteristics with which a sect is described are in no way available in this non-profit association (see definition of "sect", in Wikipedia: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sekte). There are no meetings or events to recruit disciples. We do not in any way exclude agnostics, atheists or those of other faiths. In purely economic terms, there are no fees, onerous membership fees and recruiting drives. There is no code of conduct regimen for Olmoms Directors. Thus far not a single cent has been spent on salaries or the enhancement of personal lifestyles. Nevertheless, one could argue that Christianity in its original form, at the time of Jesus, was nothing more than a sect that distanced itself from established classical Judaism through its teachings. Today, in Germany, Christianity is the state religion, with an official church tax. We want to define ourselves primarily through good deeds, tolerance towards others and love. And that has to happen without creating moral, financial or emotional obligations or dependencies.

The blue book
I'm fine in every way, why should I use the little blue book?

Then you might be an exception. Consider yourself lucky, be grateful, and share your fortune and skills with others. Maybe this is just a snapshot. Life is seldom linear and rarely with a steady upward movement towards eternal happiness. Giving, helping and the meaningfulness of your existence are without a doubt - and this has been scientifically proven - sources of happiness. And that is why the messages of Mary are also of great relevance for you. If things don't go so well for you, you will definitely have massive support though Our Lady’s Messages.

If you google deeper and longer, you will find stories about Olive Dawson and her brother, some of which seem strange and raise doubts. There is also harsh criticism of websites on the Internet that portray themselves as religious. What do you think?

The messages of Mary have helped me and many others to experience happiness, hope, love and peace in our lives. As humans, we very often try to judge things with our limited minds instead of using our emotional intelligence. This is what happened to me a few years after my first reading. I have dealt intensively with the study of the messages and their origins. I was certainly an extremely incredulous Thomas. There are also a few references to “enslavement”. Those passages have resulted in some harsh criticism on the internet. We have not adjusted these original texts, but urge you simply to replace the word enslavement with devotion or commitment.

Today the words and the messages are crucial for me. Your recurring relevance when I am faced with big and small challenges. For me, the regular messages from Maria are indispensable. Otherwise I would lose my bearings relatively quickly and devote myself exclusively to increasing my money and power. And I would fall back into old patterns very quickly and definitely not be happy. The messages are crucial, not the medium. I am only an instrument in this sense - no more or less. It is my job to make the messages of Mary better known and to help those in need in various ways. Basta. Thank God for this determination. Finally. I have found love and purpose. Even peace. No doubt this would not have been possibly without reading and living Mary’s Messages of Mercy.

I wonder how the little blue book came to you. Did you find one of the first copies in the hallway in prison?

No, back in 2010, when a former Irish freedom fighter gave me the little Blue Book in South America. At that time, I was looking for a true fulfilling task in my somewhat confused existence. Since then, I've been feeling much better mentally and physically. I am now a father and good companion. Worst threats, like multiple sclerosis, 10 life imprisonments in the US, are far less acute. I may even be a free man one day, able to travel anywhere. In any case, my life has essentially improved a lot. I am happier, healthier and more empathetic.

Are you in contact with the church in Dublin? Is there a certain order or priest who believe in the apparition? And how did the text come to be recorded? From the author of the foreword, do you know her?

I have contact with the diocese in Dublin, but little. At OLMOMAG (www.olmomag.org) in England, however, regularly. Unfortunately, the website is only available in English, but it contains important messages and perspectives, albeit more with an emphasis on the early teachings of the Catholic Faith than our website

I eagerly bought the book several times (about 7 or 9 copies, e.g. for my family and friends) and gave it away, now I have one more for myself. I could buy it x times and give it away, but is that my job?

You will know this yourself in prayer and reflection and you will feel what is right for you. The little Blue Book and your soul will give you the answer to this question anyway. As long as you feel touched by Mary’s Messages and feel the truth in your heart, when you feel calm and inner peace, you will be doing the right thing.

User questions
Today I heard from a conversation that working for your e.V. (Charity) is going in a different direction than being a missionary in any way. I am also very interested to find out how I can contribute to your charity. What training would I have to bring along, whether it would be more of a pastoral care or nursing. You spoke of women and children. Did I get that right?

Our core are three projects:

1. Spread the messages of the Mother of Jesus to the world in as many languages as possible. We are already partially successful in Europe, the USA, Asia and Africa. But it's just a start.

2. Building and operating Marian Refuges of Mercy for orphans worldwide.

3. Supporting likeminded charitable organizations.

Simply contact us. Your donation is appreciated and surely any effort to help build and operate Mary’s Refuges of Mercy and to make Our Lady’s Messages better known to the world are hugely appreciated.

There is this trauma of guilt and woe to leave any group (...). If you are interested in KenFM you can quickly become an outsider (...) And friends said that they perceive KenFM as propaganda and incitement. So, do you watch the two major German TCV channels ARD, ZDF etc. and KenFM, [the controversial independent journalist], or rather nothing at all? (...). Do I have to assume that most of the right, conservative Christians are more against KenFM and more in favor of ARD, ZDF etc.?

Media outlets, alternative media, KEN FM, Precht, Die Wissensmanufaktur, even my YouTube posts, established and emerging churches and organizations, environmental associations and political parties are always imperfect and very often have their own agenda. They were created by humans and consequently are never flawless. It's about the soul: the truth, the way, life and above all love. So, central permanent values that cannot be corrupted. That is why I orient myself, for example, to the life / example, the actions and the words of Jesus - my Lord, brother and best friend. Mary’s Messages of Mercy are utterly apolitical and do not contradict or undermine the teachings of Christ. They do not belong to any formal organization or enterprise. Feel free to let all your friends know about them. There are no limitations.

How should I pray the rosary mentioned in the Blue Book?

The rosary in the Blue Book suits me personally very well. There are different options and versions. At least as important as prayer is contact with Mary, God and Jesus, as well as your inner willingness to open up and let your goodwill flow into these prayers and into your normal considerations. Praying with an open heart is so muc more powerful and rewarding than cold and monotonous repetition.

Do you need more answers?

If you have any questions, please send us an email to kontakt@olmoms.org