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Florian tells you more about the goals and wishes of OLMOMS.

Non-profit association OLMOMS e.V.

It is our personal mission to make our own contribution to make this world a little better than before. To achieve this goal, a handful of people from the most diverse backgrounds have come together to realize two important projects:

Spreading “Our Lady’s Messages of Mercy to the World” is our central objective followed very closely by the establishment of Marian Refuges of Love, Faith and Light throughout the world. 

OLMOMS aims to enhance the reach the little Blue Book continually while making it available in other languages beyond German, English, Spanish and French. The little Blue Book is currently being translated into Italian and Korean. Additional languages will follow to reach an increasingly larger audience.

Thus far the book has been distributed more than one hundred thousand times. There are lots of people whose lives have developed positively because they open themselves to Mary’s Messages of Mercy through her little blue book.

How the little blue book can change your life in a positive way

Loving texts

So, these are records of messages that the Blessed Mother Mary uttered through a certain David Smyth. This man remains completely in the background. A book was then created in English (now available as a German translation here) and advertised + distributed by his sister, an Olive Dawson. She leads a very Christian life, is married and is originally from Ireland. If you want to find out more about her, you can google - there is also an interview on youtube.


The book is equipped with really very loving messages - in the back there is a consecration prayer + a rosary in honor of Mary.


"My child, even if you are depressed, you are still in my arms .."

"My little one, there is no place in the whole world where you will find true happiness, only with me in heaven."


Probably not from this world

From the first short reading it was clear to me: This really inconspicuous little book exudes an incredible power.


Often childishly simple sentences, but with an unearthly impact. Some (stupidly) studied theologians need huge arcs of sentences in order not to even begin to express what this work can convey in one word.

It's just a shame that I didn't know this book before, it would have often helped me!


Just love this book Our Lady of Mercy to the World

Just love this book Our Lady Of Mercy To The World. My sister had it an I lifted it of her table one day I was in her house. When I opened it up and read the page it could tell me how I was feeling that day and what to do to take me out of how I was feeling. I was so surprised as it was just how I was feeling. So I asked my Sister how she got it on she said she had been over on an island were Our Lady appeared to a woman she was talking to on the island on she bought it off her on the money when to publish more off her book.

So when I came home I went on line to see if I could get it an yes amazon could get it for me. I was so delighted I ordered it right away and it was great it didn't take to come. I just love this book I lift it up most days an just open it at a random page an read it. I would differently recommen this book as it helps me to get true the day.




The creation of OLMOMS

In 2010, Dr. hc. Florian Homm, one of the board members of the non-profit organization OLMOMS e.V. and a world-famous former hedge fund manager, multi-entrepreneur and dollar billionaire, initially received this book in South America by a former IRA freedom fighter.

The messages he read changed his life fundamentally. Since then he has made the distribution of the Blue Book his primary life task. With success:

Since it was published in 2015 and made available to the broad public for the first time, the German version has been one of the most consistent bestsellers in several categories: Christian prayer books & hymn books, Mariology and Christian saints & religious models without any marketing or advertising support!


How Our Lady Florian's life has changed

Are you curious?

In Florian's biographies you can find out everything about his life's work and his path to faith.

Rogue Financier (Amazon) – The Adventures of an estranged Capitalist

Rogue Financier (Amazon) – The Adventures of an estranged Capitalist

His reputation as an investor is legendary, his life is a constant adventure. Subject of a global manhunt, his bounty hunters are merciless. Florian Homm. A ruthless but charismatic hedge fund manager. From Oberursel, a small German city to Harvard and on to the Champions League of the financial world. The story of a brilliant financial juggler, a wanted man, a hunted man, shot and almost killed in an assassination attempt in Caracas Venezuela. Notorious enfant terrible. A man on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. A man of faith and purpose. This is his story.

225 years in Hell

225 years in Hell

53 years and 153 days in freedom. But now he is supposed to go to prison for 225 years.
Homm takes up the fight. Noone has avoided extradition from Italy to the United States in 30 years. Abandoned by his family, friends and former business partners Homm takes on this impossibly challenge only with faith on his side. His antagonists are all-powerful: CIA, FBI, the SEC and the US Justice Department want him to stand trial in Los Angeles, the city of angels. The much-awaited sequel to “Rogue Financier”. Available through Amazon. Rogue Financier (Amazon) – The Adventures of an estranged Capitalist."

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Blue Book Rosary

The Little Blue Book 

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Mother Lex II

Marian Refuges

The heart of the Olmoms. We want to build orphanages around the world to help children left alone. Click on the picture to learn more. And if you like, get involved!

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