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our ladies message of mercy to the world

The little blue book

There are many people whose lives have developed positively because they read and listen to Mary’s messages of mercy. We are convinced, based on our own experiences and thousands of testimonials, that anyone can experience a more fulfilling and rewarding life if you open your self to Mary’s messages of Mercy.

And you should know that 100% of all donations and book proceeds are made available to charitable causes.

Marian Refuges

Our goal is crystal clear. We want to build Marien Refuges worldwide, which give the special children of this world, the orphans, a distinct and entirely new home. Orphans will not be referred to foster families, but can experience what true care, continuity, stability and security is in Mary’s Refuges of Mercy.

In this community children learn and work together to shape their lives. They will receive a first-rate education provided by outstanding teachers from the age of 6 until they graduate from high school. During those formative years, they will grow up in a family-like environment of togetherness, kindness and intellectual curiosity. Upon graduation we hope that they will not only achieve the highest academic standards, but will also exemplify the principles love, integrity and faith in their daily lives.

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How you can help 

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Purchase book

Our Holy Mother will guide you on each little and big step while you become familiar with Her messages for you. Order the little blue book now and experience Her loving words.

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Become a member of our charitable foundation and enable us to make our vision become reality..

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Your donation is truly appreciated and will reach those who have experienced little comfort and too little love in their lives.

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Do something of lasting value

Help us build our first Marian Refuge with your donation. Let's create a better world together and help mothers and children in dire need. Your contribution will be used exclusively for charitable purposes. Every donation will help us make our vision become a reality: Self-sufficient mother-child homes that will make life richer and more beautiful for everyone involved: Sponsors, educators, counselors and of course the orphans.